Scituate Youth Drama

                                                  In Fall of 2013, Scituate resident and parent, Erin Erickson, brought forward the idea of                                                                    producing a musical.  With a little over three months of planning and rehearsing, Hope                                                                      Elementary School presented its first musical, The Unbelievable But True Tale of Pinocchio,                                                          with a cast size of about thirty students between Grades 1 through 5.  The show featured set,                                                      costumes, lighting, microphones and props. Following its success, Erin moved forward to                                                                produce Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Jr. with an even larger cast, crew and set.  Eager to                                                            spread the magic of theater, the program quickly grew to incorporate all three elementary                                                            schools in the district and officially became Scituate Youth Drama, Inc. To enhance the beautiful program she had created, Erin began to run workshops from theatre professionals, talent competitions and summer camps.  In 2017, the program expanded, yet again, to include young artists up to the age of 19. It is through her selflessness and passion that Scituate Youth Drama continues to thrive as the amazing organization it is today. The entire Scituate Youth Drama team expresses our deepest appreciation and gratitude to Erin for bringing her vision to life and allowing us to build upon it each and every day!


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Scituate Youth Drama's Mission

Scituate Youth Drama, Inc. is a not for profit, 501c3 organization that offers education in the performing arts and enriches the local communities by producing multiple youth based productions a year. Each year, Scituate Youth Drama produces two major shows, one for the elementary and early middle school age brackets and the other for the high school and early college age bracket. We believe that when young artists are given ample opportunity to participate in the performing arts, they not only develop into the next generation of performing artists, but they also develop into well rounded members of our community who are trained to work together as a team, think critically, present themselves with poise, and maintain a profound appreciation for the arts. ​

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